What can be done to help protect bobbleheads from the manufacturer?

I’m sure we’ve all had our fair shares of broken bobbleheads arrive at our front doorstep. I’m not talking about buying one’s from Ebay that are used, I’m talking about buying from Clark’s, Shop.MLB or even receiving a SGA from a ballpark. What can our little friends over in China do to avoid breakage of bobbleheads when they arrive to us. Big companies bring in pallets of thousands of bobbleheads and they don’t inspect every single box as they shouldn’t. We all know the little baggies that they put the bobble in and the neck protector etc. But this still remains a problem considering how fragile bobbles are.

My only suggestion is possibly Saran or Glad Wrap? It wraps anything and everything nice and snug and tight. Containers, hot chicks, cars and if you wrap a bobblehead, I’m pretty sure it will arrive in once piece right? You and I both know this will never happen because the time it would take to wrap thousands of bobbleheads around the arms, legs and the base, would take forever. 

Any suggestions? There’s got to be a more safer way to package these bobbles up and Saran Wrap is my only early thought.