Here we are Snipers. Super Bowl Sunday as it should be a National holiday, and I’m not sure why it’s not. Two weeks of preparation for both teams, media, commercials, artists from all over the globe, you name it. I’m not going to go over game plans and all of that analysis bullshit. You can go and read that on ESPN or some other sports source on the web. I’m here to give you my opinion and my opinion only. 

Firstly, I’m a Dolphins fan as many of you already know. Better yet, I’m a struggling Fins fan for many years now. The Patriots have never let their foot off the gas within our division the past 12 years. Am I angry? No. I know Brady and Belichick are masterminds and I will honestly say, what they’ve done to the NFL is damn right incredible. We may never see a dynasty like the Pats in our lifetime ever again. With that being said, the Deflategate and Spygate bullshit is real, but it doesn’t take those 2 Super Bowls off their record. They have them and they will never go away. Cheaters? Maybe, but it is what it is. The Pats are winners and you can dispute greatness. 

Now the Eagles. From the bottom of my heart, I cannot stand Philly fans for the life of me. They are angry, disrespectful and just flat out scum. Are their other fans of other sports team nasty? Do other cities light fires and break shit? Of course! But here’s the thing. The Philly fans take it to the next level. Built in jail cells in the stadium. Greasing the city polls prior to the game against the Vikings to prevent the animalistic assholes from creating damage. How about the game where fans threw batteries at players? How about 5 years ago when Jeff Saturday of the Colts was laying on the turf injured and Philly fans both cheered and laughed at him. I almost want to believe that Philly fans think the louder, more rude they are, makes them feel less insecure. They almost try and one-up each other who can be more of an asshole. I can go on for hours here, but the bottom line is this is a fan base filled with dark, dark souls.

They haven’t won a Super Bowl and they still claim to have loyalty. NO they don’t! It’s a what- have- you- done for me lately mentality. There’s no loyalty. All they wanna do is win and Philly fans will throw any player, coach, manager or fan under the bus within seconds. 

Stereotypes generally are true and this applies to the Philly fan base. I’ve never been to Philly but have close friends that have gone to college in Philly and have visited. I have heard NOTHING BUT NEGATIVE THINGS. It’s a shit hole, there’s garbage everywhere and is flat out a trashy place to go. I believe every word about Philly. 

And this is why I want Brady and the troops to slaughter the Eagles. These fans don’t deserve a Super Bowl. Given the fact that they literally destroy their own city and have to wake up the next day and live in their own city that they just destroyed, boggles my mind. For a team that hasn’t won shit, they sure pride themselves on being “big and tough” and LOOOOOOVE fighting. And do me one favor, save the Rocky “Hard nosed” city bullshit. That gets old and it doesn’t mean shit in the grand scheme of things. 

Bottom line is can the Eagles win the Super Bowl? Of course! Anything can happen. Have you noticed not once have I mentioned the team? The players? The coaches? What they did this season when Wentz went down is incredible. They have a really good team. But I would love nothing more than these asshole fans to get buried and all get arrested for being toxic, angry low lifes.

I’d love to see a game like Pats 34 Eagles 17. But this is looking more like Pats 37-34 type of game. If they Eagles win, I hope all you Eagle fans message me and tell me to go fuck myself. I’ll take it, but the team I root for will never be the scum of the Earth like it is in Philly. 

If you’re rooting for the Eagles, maybe a glimpse below will make you think twice before you pick the Birds or ever decide to visit Philly.