So here’s the first of many to come of the Bobble Faces “Nailed it/Failed it” edition of bobbleheads that look exactly like the real players, and not so much of the player. Like I said on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, if you have a bobble that looks just like the actual player or a none-look alike, take a good picture of your bobblehead and a Google pic of the player. Send it to and I’ll judge if I’ll post it to share to the Snipers. 

Here’s the first of many!

Ernie friggin Banks! A legend in Chicago and his Cooperstown Hall of Fame bobble I would have expected to look much better than this. Christ almighty! The mouth, the fucking lips, it’s just a big sloppy mess. Looks like he was sucking on a 10 inch pink popsicle for Christ sakes. Epic fail on this one.