Let’s get right to the fucking point because I’m pissed off. BD&A has A LOT of explaining to do. The same Chewbacca design for 5 different team bobbleheads? Are you shitting me! So the marketing team of all 5 of these franchises decide to do a Star Wars Night and they reach out to BD&A. BD&A sends each team a “mold” design and it just so happens that the same design is used for 5 different Star Wars Nights. This is bullshit and lazy. Let’s just half ass it and create the same “mold” for the Mariners, Reds, A’s, Astros and the Mets. Ya the Met Chewbacca is sitting down but it’s still the same! 

No arm wave, no “yelling” no hands on his head. Nothing. You may think, “Why the fuck is this so important” “Who gives a shit”. This is a big deal. This makes collector’s NOT want to score each and every one. I mean, what’s the point? They are ALL THE SAME but just on different bases! You collect for the bobblehead, not the base!

A little extra goes a long way and BD&A could have spiced it up. Now, do they look good? Do they have detail? Are they sharp looking? Yes, yes and yes. But they are the same. 

If you ever send me a picture of all 5 of these within your display cabinet, I will not be impressed. Not at all. Is it impressive that you scored all 5? Probably. But the 5 of them displayed together looks blah. No pop, no swag, nothing. 

I’m personally calling BD&A this week and giving them the riot act. They easily could have changed the pose or facial feature but they got lazy. Period. 

There’s absolutely no reason why they couldn’t have used any of the below pictures for a different team.