So, I went to the Game of Thrones (Ser Andrew Benintendi) bobblehead game last night at Fenway. It was a special ticket offer which means how ever many tickets you buy, that’s how many bobbleheads you will receive. 

It was a long ass day as I made a trip to Vermont prior to the game. I got all the bobbles I purchased, put them in the trunk and took a picture. I titled the picture saying the phrase, “Game. Set. Match.” It was a tiring day and I won the day, as I want ALL of you to do. 

Many of you Snipers posted messages on the Instagram post, asking how did I get so many and so forth. A few followers got furious that I did not say it was a “Special Ticket” and that I bought them. If you noticed after I posted the picture, I did not respond as I had a 3 hour ride home and then I went straight to bed. A few followers claimed that I lied and made it assume that I sniped a ton of bobbles. 

First off, you ALL know I care about you and I always respond. That was my plan the following morning. I hate myself for even writing this blog as I have no one to answer to and there’s always a handful that ruin it for the rest of us. One follower DM’d me saying I’m a liar and that I think I’m a god! If anyone feels this way please unfollow me but in my eyes, I’m am the most trustworthy person to deal with. If you don’t like what I do and what I say then jump ship. I’m not mentioning names because I have more class than that. 

Remember this as a lesson. People who troll and try and take you down are worthless. They don’t belong on this train and you all know that. There’s always a handful of doubters and I like it. If people aren’t upset with me then I feel I’m not doing enough. This drives my passion and I will only get stronger from this!