Make no mistake about it. This election coming up on November 3rd will be recognized as one of the most highly theatrical election races of the century. Each candidate going blow to blow with each other and who stands in the middle you say? That’s right, Dr. Anthony Fauci. 

For the first time ever, Alexander Global Productions created a triple bobblehead that includes the parties of Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci all on one bobblehead. “This idea and concept came to us as the election battle continued and we really wanted to pay tribute to such an entertaining race. The addition of adding Dr. Fauci holding the ruler that reads 6 FT we thought would be a unique interactive feature”, says AGP owner Chris Fryar.

These are extremely limited as only 100 are being manufactured and have an expected delivery date of early February. The price tag is 59.00 and only available by clicking the link below. The anticipated pre-order for this triple bobblehead is expected to sell extremely quick so don’t wait! 

2020 Election "Ruler" Bobblehead Trio Set – Donald Trump, Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden