So I’ve never actually been to a Yankee game to Snipe bobbleheads. I’ve only been to the new Yankee Stadium once and that was a long time ago. I didn’t truly want to go but this was a bobblehead I couldn’t pass up. You all know from the video I posted last week on Instagram, that I did get my hands on a prototype of Jedi Judge, but I wanted more. You also know I’m a Red Sox fan and I can’t stand the Yankees but I wasn’t there for the game. I knew this would be a bloodbath of a Snipe. I was thinking about it all week and how miserable it would be and I was right. Again.

The train ride was easy getting in. Of course everyone on the train had to hear 3-5 drunk assholes yelling all over the place as the season is only 30 games in. Typical Yankee train behavior. Not surprised here. 


Once I got out, I could just smell the dirty New York air. The terminal leading up to the gates was cluttered but expected, as there’s 56,000 people trying to get in to watch a ball game.

The lines to get in were long but they moved quick. The way the lines are setup it’s not just one long boner line, as it’s bunch of zig zags like a fucking maze. Very annoying and cluttered which bothered me. The stadium is brand fucking new and they couldn’t have designed it more fan friendly?


I scanned my ticket and was handed a bobble at roughly 6:15pm and there were plenty left. There was a good 8-10 boxes not even opened yet.

The bottom section of the main entrance is very depressing. The floors were dirty and a shit ton of security guards eyeing every person who entered. 

Right after that, I muscled upstairs to the 2nd level and walked around a bit to get feel of the layout. Soon after, I started my calculated sniping system and before I knew it, I was in the handicap stall squeezing 9 bobbles into the lower portion of my bag. 

As the night went on, people were holding their Jedi Judge bobbles tighter and tighter. I did see about 8-10 collector’s trying to hustle the crowd. Some tactics worked and some didn’t. After 19 total bobbles were Sniped, I ran out of room and called it a night. Enough was enough. 

The shady shit I was referring in my Instagram post were as follow.

I saw 2 bobbleheads underneath seats from the back row of a section. They were exposed, but they belonged to a husband and wife who were in their seats watching the game. I saw a guy with a red backpack standing behind them as they have a sign on the floor that says, “Stand behind this line”. Someone on the Yankees got a base hit and everyone stood up and cheered and the guy in backpack stole the bobbles from underneath the seats and walked away swiftly. What a scum bag. And before you ask, I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to create a scene and I don’t like to chit chat when I’m sniping.

The next shady thing that happened occurred in the beer line. I was thirsty as fuck so I wanted to get a cold crafty. So I was behind 4 guys in the beer line. The guy ordering placed his bobble on there counter as he paid. He walked away with “double fisted” beers and left his bobble there by accident. Within seconds, another guy with a white backpack standing off to the side swiped it and walked away. Dirty mother fucker right? No one in line noticed it but me, but once again I keep silent.

Other than that I couldn’t stand the Guido’s with the gold chains and steroid muscles screaming all drunk and cursing, while little kids were around. Ya, I know it’s a ball game but grow the fuck up a little. I also noticed a small scuffle on the 1st floor between two Spanish guys and had no idea what they were saying. They were just screaming at each and it was unpleasant to witness. 

But overall, the mission was successful and I just flat out hated the whole environment. Even when you walk through a crowd and someone bumps you by accident, no one says “Excuse me” or they just give you a dirty look. I wasn’t surprised at all. It’s New York. The scum of the earth in my opinion. People are rude, they don’t have manners and it’s a filthy place to watch a ball game. You’d never see these types of behaviors at Fenway Park. Never.

I got on the train, put my headphones on and enjoyed the ride home. The first thing I did was take a shower when I got home to get off all the New York grease and filth. 

If you’re a New Yorker and a Yankee fan and are reading this, I still love ya, but I cannot for the life of me enjoy Yankee Stadium. I took one aerial view and the entire stadium was full to capacity. Not one empty seat. 

It’s not an easy place to Snipe at all, but I came out on top…once again. Fuck the lion’s den. The Jedi Judge bobble is definitely a must have. Success Promotions did a stand up job with this one and especially getting all 40,000 to Yankee Stadium on time!

P.S. I forgot to mention one other thing that really pissed me off. It was the bottom of the 6th inning and the beer lines were super long. Some jacked up meat head with tats is at the end of one line and cups his hand to his mouth and yells out, “Let’s fuuuucking gooooooooo already!” Everyone looked at him and he loved it because he craved the attention. I hope I see that guy again at Yankee Stadium and he catches a foul ball to his grill and looses a few whites.