Number #9


Team: Miami Marlins

Manufacturer: BD&A

You all know I have a soft spot for the Hulk, being that my old logo was of the “Hulk” until I got a certified letter from Marvel telling me to get rid of it. That being said, that is not the reason the Hulk enters the top 10 SGA bobbleheads of 2017. 

This particular bobble displays an enormous amount of detail and it’s not even a question. The precision fine- line detail that BD&A put into the arm and leg muscles on Hulk is incredible. This bobble is one of the most sturdy bobbleheads that I’ve ever seen. It’s literally built like a brick shithouse. The bright colored Marlins logo is centered dead smack in the middle of the base. The Hulk letters are raised and is extremely visible against the black backdrop of the base. You won’t know how special this giveaway is until you hold it in your hand. In addition, the box is gigantic and is flooded with the Marlins logo and “Super Hero Night” on the side of the box. This will, without a doubt, turn heads once displayed in your collection. 

Even if you are not a Marvel or Comic Book buff, you will be pleased to place this in your display cabinet. The Hulk absolutely, 100% belongs in the top 10 of SGA’s of 17.