Number #8

Lou Brown

Team: Akron Rubberducks

Manufacturer: Destroyer Promotional Products

You knew a Rubberducks giveaway would crack the top 10 of 2017. It’s a given. They always produce quality bobbleheads and they could have snuck in another that would make the top 10 easily. 

Lou F’n Brown Snipers. This one’s a no brainer as the movie Major League is a sure fire classic baseball movie. 

The base is simple and the arms on the waist is a very standard pose. Neither of those factors are the reason why Lou Brown’s bobble makes the top 10. The reason alone is the character himself. Lou fucking Brown. The old school gray Indians uniform and the fact that his big ass hairy mustache bobbles, makes this one ultra unique. A lot of the Major League bobbles in the series are difficult to get from the Rubberducks, but this is a must have. Jake Taylor and Rick Vaughn don’t make the movie a classic, Lou Brown does with his humorous personality. 

The likability of this bobble soars to the highest heavens and without question, this is a must have for 2017.