Number #6

The entire Win Dance Repeat Set

Team: Portland Sea Dogs

Manufacturer: Novel Sports Promotions

Who the hell is Novel Sports Promotions? I’ll tell you who. They created a top 10 bobblehead set of the famous Win Dance Repeat Red Sox outfield. I like this WDR set much more than the Spinners set. It’s simple and straight to the point.

JBJ, Benintendi and Mookie are decked out in their Sea Dogs uni’s and doing their “Winning” dance. Never mind that the entire set is near impossible to get for under $150.00, the detail and likability is enormous.

Each bobble has raised letters on each jersey, player number and of course their name. This is considered the “original” Win Dance Repeat set and it belongs in your collection as the best outfield trio in baseball. Look no further as this set will turn heads in your display cabinet and easily belongs in the top ten of 2017.