Every bobblehead collector regrets getting a bobble for their collection. We all make mistakes and wish didn’t score specific ones. I myself, have made many mistakes and I wish I could take them back. In hindsight, it may seem like a good idea, but as time goes by, regret comes into place and shit happens. I’m here to share my top 5 bobbleheads that I dearly wish I could get rid of and if you have any of these, they will SURE ruin your collection.

Josh Hamilton LA Angels.

This guy had the world at the palm of his hands. Literally. He was the best player in the Big Leagues for several years and not one pitcher could get him out. He won the American League MVP Award in 2010 and fans drooled over this dude. What Josh Hamilton did to us fans was “tease” us. He became our favorite player which included millions of people buying his jersey, t-shirts and of course bobbleheads. A long fight of alcohol and drugs derailed this guy like a Metro North train. So value wise, any Josh Hamilton bobble is worth nothing this day and age. This Hamilton bobble below at one time was worth $80.00 and above, and now I wanna throw it in my fire pit. 

Robert Griffin III

What a dick tease this guy was huh? Coming out of Baylor he was a fucking stud as he was the Heisman Trophy winner and had everyone rooting for him. A well mannered dude who never got in trouble off the field, he was the NFL’s golden boy. He played very well for the Redskins and eventually ran into injuries and started yapping at his coaches. Within a week, RG3 was disliked by MANY people around the NFL. Fans started booing him and was very hated at one point. He then got a 2nd chance to play for the shitty Browns and once again injuries occurred and was released after only one year. I myself bought a ton of his bobbleheads thinking he was going to be the next Joe Montana. Well that backfired huh? He had the league at his disposal and within a short time he was forgotten. I took this RG3 Draft Day bobble out of my display cabinet as he’s not worthy of a place in there. This bobblehead will surely ruin your collection for sure. 

Reggie Bush

I don’t get Reggie Bush at all. Coming out of USC he was a STUD. He was beyond a stud! Him and Matt Leinart were probably tag teaming the hottest girls at USC that you can ever imagine. The entire world had their attention towards Reggie. Anyone who watched him in college thought he’d be the next Barry Sanders. Drafted by the Saints in the 2006 Draft, everyone had their eyes on this dude. He had his “great” moments as  Saint and actually won the Super Bowl in 2010. I remember having him in fantasy football and what saved him was his catches out of the backfield because he was so explosive in the open field. He never really ran the ball with great finesse through the line. The wheels fell off shortly after as injuries destroyed him. The Saints had enough and sent him to the Bills, then the Dolphins, then the Lions and finally the 49ers. 

I along with others, thought Reggie would be GREAT. He wasn’t. He failed creating holes to run through and teams just tossed him around. I regret getting this bobblehead as pure disappointment came into place and the fact that his draft day suit looks like diarrhea. Injuries aside, I think Reggie failed us. Good looks, celebrity life stye doesn’t equal dominance in the NFL. At least he got to handle Kim Kardashian for a few years.


Josh Johnson

What in the F happened to this dude? I guess I’ll stick to the common theme of injuries right? For those of you who don’t know, Josh Johnson has CRAZY Insane ABILITY as a righty power pitcher. I remember watching him on the Marlins and LIGHTS OUT won’t justify how good he was. We’re talking 97mph on the corners consistently and a disgusting slider that would make your dick break in half. Tommy John surgery and forearm tightness got the best of Johnson and he career ended at the age of 32. Very disappointing to say the least and there’s no good story behind his Marlins bobblehead. I’m not mad at Josh because no one can predict injuries, but his bobble does nothing for my collection.

Ryan Braun

I’ll get it out right away. Braun is an absolute Douche Bag. No good words can describe this ass pipe. He’s a selfish players and ya, I know a lot of players have lied about taking PED’s but the way he went about was total dick move. The whole Biogenesis scandal was not a good look for him and he took it on the chin by being suspended for 65 games without pay. Just looking at his face makes me wanna punch him. I can’t even fathom how Brewer fans still embrace this guy.


So yes, this MVP Bruan bobble really irks the shit out of me. It’s currently out of my display case and will probably never go back in. Every time I look at it, the words, “Douche” “Cheater” and “Slim Ball” come to mind.

So, those are the top 5 bobbleheads that will ruin your collection but good. I have much sympathy for those of you that may have any of these 5 in your collection. Although, I wouldn’t suggest throwing them out, but I’d put them in a box far far away for the time being. These 5 bobbles aren’t worthy of any attention and must abort your displayed collection ASAP.