Number #4

Jim Abbott

Team: Inland Empires 66’ers

Manufacturer: Alexander Global Promotions

Why wasn’t a Jim Abbott bobble made years ago? Is he a Hall of Famer? No. Was he the best pitcher on the mound in his era? No. But everyone, and I mean EVERYONE knows who Jim Abbott is. This isn’t a feel good story about the one hand and the reason why he belongs in the top 10. The reason is because the bobble is dynamite. 

A great pitching pose will raised letters practically everywhere and the fact that he pitched with one fucking hand is incredible. He’s decked out in Angels gear and his facial features are spot on along with his detailed brown wavy hair.

Well done by AGP and the box is a detailed as they come. A lot of work was put into this one and the Empire 66’ers should be commended. Coming in at 4 on the top 10 list is a great accomplishment and this should have been in your collection months ago.

A Jim F’n Abbott bobblehead! Who would have thought this beauty would be produced. A well sought out item to own and given the fact that it’s only a few months old, the likability is astronomical. Congrats to Jimmy on your number 4 ranking.