Number #3

Corey Seager

Team: Rancho Cucamonga Quakes

Manufacturer: Promotional Adventures

This was a very, and I mean very tough decision. I really thought for a minute that this one should be #2, but after giving it a lot of thought, Corey sits comfortably at 3. I can honestly admit, that all Quake SGA’s should be in the top 10 of 2017. This year the Quakes take the prize for the most improved SGA’s. I love every single one they came out with this season and here’s why. 

The silver base is smoother than a baby’s ass. The “teal” colored raised letters give me a chubby. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING on the bobble comes with raised letters, meaning a fuck ton of effort was put forth.

There’s very little to discuss on this one. Seager holding the Jackie Robinson Award plaque, while holding the Silver Slugger Award bat, that’s identical to the surrounding base? You kidding me? The Dodger faithful know’s this bobble is killer, and I was inches away from making this an overall ranking #2 bobble.

The box is the best, yes, the best box of the 2107 season. Colors, photos, awards, and the Quakes logo make this the number one box of 17. If I knew this bobble was going to look this good, I would have bought a plane ticket and took trip to Snipe 50 of them.

The likability of the Dodgers, Quakes and Seager himself, makes this debatable number 2 bobble of 2017. Absolutely, no problems with this SGA, as I almost want to call it the perfect bobblehead. Well done Promotional Adventures and Quakes. You Dodger fans out in Cali should be thankful for such a quality bobble.