Number #2

Cousin Eddie

Team: Kane County Cougars

Manufacturer: Success Promotions

A pretty easy decision here with Cousin Eddie being number #2 on the top 10 list of 2017. Ya, I know it’s not a player or mascot or even coach for that matter, but this character in the movie Christmas Vacation, is ridiculously likable. There’s a reason why they are going for $80.00 + on Ebay and will become near impossible to find come this time next year. 

The base has the Kane County Cougars logo dead smack in the middle with their team name in raised letters on the front. The bathrobe, beer in hand, cigar in mouth and of course the hat, are the biggest features on the bobble. 

When you have family over for Christmas this year and you display this, don’t think for one second that no one comment on it. Your an asshole if you do. I bet you a free bobblehead that at least a handful of family members will try and steal it by the time Santa squeezes his fat ass down the chimney come midnight. 

We can only hope the Kane County Cougars continue the trend of coming out with a new character from Christmas Vacation as years go on for their giveaways. 

A no brainer number #2 bobble and Success Promotions should receive a creativity award, as well as the Cougars.