Number #1


Team: Brooklyn Cyclones

Manufacturer: Success Promotions

You all knew what bobble would come in at number #1 of 2017. Squints was a given. I didn’t even think twice when I spent hours deciding the top 10 of 2017. Maybe, besides the Marvel Thor given out by the Mets as being the most highly anticipated giveaway of the year, the Squints giveaway is right up there. An epic movie for all ages and even a better character. 

We can start with the red and blue multi-colored base with Squint’s name in white raised letters. The sandlot brown dirt on top of the base with the Cyclones logo is as eye catching as it comes. Vintage white Converse sneakers with raggedy blue jeans and the yellow/orange t-shirt resembles Squints like no other. The bright buck-white teeth along with the over sized dorky glasses is a feature for the entire bobblehead world. 

And to think that the Cyclones and Success Promotions thought to put “The Kid is a L7 Weenie” on the back of the base means one thing. They care about their fans and that’s a fact. They could have given us a standard white box, but no, they flooded the fucking thing with bright colors, quotes from the movie Sandlot and a replica “Sandlot” field on each side of the box. I commend the Cyclones by always producing quality products for their fans. And extra props for them to actually get Squints to the ballpark to sign autographs. 

No bobblehead collector, and I mean NO ONE, can argue this wasn’t the best giveaway of 2017. When I decided to make a top 10 list, Squints was already penciled in as the top dog of 17. Congratulations Squints, the Brooklyn Cyclones and Success Promotions for making the bobblehead community the best SGA of 2017.