Shit happens. Everyday. To everyone. The difference is in how people deal with it. 

Listen, all kinds of shit happens to everyone. No one has an easy, carefree life. Me, you, Aaron Rodgers, celebrities, you name it. Nobody knows everyone’s business, therefore ALL people go through difficult times. It’s how you respond to adversity and how you get up off the ground after getting punched in the face. Many people choose to lay on the ground and make excuses for their tough times. Don’t be that fucking guy. Get up, motivate yourself and continue to work on your goals. For me, there’s a lot of problems I face each and every day. Everyone just sees cool pictures and quotes and the lovely life of craft beer. Well it’s not all peaches. I work hard. I got a 2 hour training on how to use this website that was built for me. The rest I taught myself through hours and hours of work. It’s a lonely feeling when you don’t know what your doing and you can’t just call your neighbor and have him help you with the ins and outs of things. I was never a tech savvy type of dude, so I taught myself and it’s been fucking very difficult. At one point I wanted to shut the site down. I fought hard and NEVER gave up. Running a website when you don’t know what your doing is a very lonely feeling. You’re all by yourself with NO one to turn to. I continue to learn and get things right and wrong because I have the passion for it. I want to HELP everyone and make EVERYONE feel excited for a new bobble that comes out and the excitement of getting a new one. It’s a dope feeling and everyone has the right to feel this way. 

Shit happens to EVERYONE. Remember that. And when it does, get your ass up and WORK. The results will come.