Bobble of the Day

Mascot: Wildcat 

Team: Kentucky Wildcats

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

So the Kentucky Wildcats have emerged as a BIG TIME college basketball program the past 5-6 years. It’s always been Duke, UCLA, Kansas, Uconn and second fiddle Kentucky. I swear, ever since John Calapari took over for Tubby Smith, they have catapulted as the top team in the country hands down. They always get the top notch recruits and I’m sure bags of money at these high school seniors doorsteps never happen. Hehehehe…..On to the bobble

The gents over at the Bobblehead Hall of Fame yet again knocked it out of the park with this exclusive. Where do you want me to start? The base is HIGHLY detailed with the UK logo and has the “Kentucky Wildcats” in raised white letters which is ridiculously vital. The 8 Championship title trophies are spread around the bobble like a Thanksgiving dinner. I almost feel like this isn’t even a bobblehead. I feel like it’s a statue in a exclusive museum in Italy. It’s got that much detail my words on this blog won’t validate how intrinsic it actually is.




Sniper Rating: Everything about this bobble points straight up to the sky. It’s Kentucky! It Calapari! You know they are a lock for the Final Four every single year. You know bags of money are exchanged but who cares! Every year this team is must watch  and so is this bobblehead. I said it before for the UNC one but thinking again, this bobble will sell out PRIOR to Christmas. If you know anything about College Bball, you know Kentucky fans go ape shit over their team. I’d score this quick before the Bobblehead Hall of Fame sells out and you’re stuck paying $65.00 and above for it on Ebay. $40.00 is a steal. Do it. Period.

Kentucky Wildcats NCAA College Basketball National Champions Bobblehead