Bobble of the Day

Musician: Billy Joel

Team: Boston Red Sox

Year: 2107

Manufacturer: BD&A

A lot of you youngsters don’t know about Billy Joel. The dude is an absolute icon and has a zillion fans around the world. The Red Sox and a few other teams came out with Billy Joel bobbles this summer that include the Phillies and Cardinals. Only 1,500 of these bad boys were made and having one in your collection should add a little history as Billy will be known as one of the best artists of all time. 

It’s a very classic simple bobble as Billy is sitting at his piano jamming away. The base is black along with the piano and his shirt. The white letters that state his name couldn’t be raised more as they pop out like a mother f’er. The actual keys on the piano really stand out and are extremely visible. This bobble looks exactly like Billy with the balding hair up top and his white/grayish go tee. Spot on from BD&A and a job well done. 




Sniper Rating: I am soooooooooo pumped BD&A didn’t give us a plain white box. This one is covered with Fenway “Green” and it’s not even funny. The high gloss feel to it makes it that much more authentic. There’s a dope picture of Billy singing on the front of the box and on the back has the Green Monster scoreboard with the letters, “Billy Joel” written. The back of the bobble has a sturdy cardboard insert of a picture of Fenway Park which is bad ass. You can easily take it in and out based on your preference. A must have to add to your collection and if you have a few of these, hang on to them as they will rise in value once all the others are gone on Ebay.

The piano man scores a 9.0.